swim to the moon...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's been a while...

...since I've been able to post here.
What with Christmas, parents visiting, a trip to Spain, the return of the other sport, heavy work deadlines, and a lapse in pool membership... it's all been a little frantic at Moon Mission Control.

Yes there has been swimming... but not an awful lot. There were a few laps ages ago, but I can't quite remember how many... and I did swim 25m in a capsize drill recently (sigh). Oh well, racing is coming soon, and with that the other sport will lie dormant for a bit - giving me a bit more time to splash about in the pool.

So, where were we then? 119.954km from central London at our last update.
And you were posting your laps like champions:

2.1 km from Sam in Oz
10.2 km from Cristy & Paul in Laos
0.9 km from The Pink Kitty in California
3.3 km from Michael & Becky in Oxford, UK
64.8 km from Claven in US
3.2 km from Rob in Oz
4.0 km from Isa in Oxford too!

Plus my weird little 25m takes us to 208.704km!
Does that get us to the other side of the Channel?

Despite my hiatus, I'm sure other lunar astronauts have been keeping up up the pace!
How far did you swim in the last 4 months?