swim to the moon...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Okey Dokey

Together we'd managed 18.65km last time I managed to update. We've had some fantastic input since then, with laps from all over, so here we go with the new total:

  • Prev: 18.650
  • thepinkkitty 3.050
  • owen 47.500 (amazing!)
  • claven 3.200
  • (& seal) 400
  • paul 48.000 (amazing here too!)
  • claven again 4.800
  • sam 1.350
  • marketmosley 4m (3 laps of bath)

  • Add to that, my own paltry 2km, which I'd like to blame entirely on accient and injury... But let's be honest here, I've been a little slack recently. With an emergent beer-belly to show for it!

    So the new total: 118.954km!!!!!

    Holy smut! We've shot off the coast!

    We're now a little way into the English Channel, heading east on our first lap of the Earth!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    (courtesy of googlemaps)

    It might seem a little unfair to poor Paul, who's been splashing away for 240-odd km in Dempasar... But according to the rules, I'm only allowed to count laps since you found this website, which I'm gonna assume happened about a month ago when Grazilla spread the moon mission news. And I'm also sorry Owen, but the rules say that I can only accept proper wet splashy laps, otherwise I'd have to make the site

    swim, row, jog, cycle, skip and pole-vault to the moon...

    Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it.... Anyway, I'm sure you'll still manage to get to a pool occasionally! And as you all will have seen - When I'm in a generous mood, I even accept the occasional laps-of-bath, and contributions of accompanying wildlife. (Wow, Claven, You got to swim with a seal! I wonder if seals know how far away the moon is... It'd be great if we could recruit them too - they swim heaps!) You'll notice though Mosley, your bathtub shenannegins don't quite promote you to out of the 'land lubbers' section of my links... Get your self proclaimed 'gay icon' ass into some togs and GET WET PROPERLY!

    And to finalise the tally, this time we've had laps from UK, USA, Laos and Australia.

    How far did you swim today?