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Monday, August 01, 2005

3 not-entirely-successful launches

So we're in Prague this week (No, unfortunately, not yet recording moon mission progress - simply recounting a quick getaway, a break from the merrie(sic) English weather...) So here in sunny old 35C mid-summer, you'd think I'd be able to knock off a few more clicks on the way to the moon. Think again.

There must be something inauspicious about the alignment of the planets for *launches* right now...

Launch #1

Staying in a hotel which happens to have a gym which happens to have a pool! Quite a rare combination, you'll find, when you travel on a budget at slim as mine. So I think,

great, I'll be able to contribute laps from Prague - how fantastically intercontinental.

So I go upstairs to check out the top floor fitness facilities (of which I only require the pool), cautiously expecting some moderate charge. But when I get there, what do I find? A 350 koruna fee for a 'full day's use'. Full day! I only want a few laps! I'm in Prague for the sum total of 4 days - why the hell would I want to waste a whole day of it in a hotel pool? I digress, let me clarify, that's about 9 pounds, 16 yankee dollars, nearly 25 aussie bucks!

Mission Status: Aborted

Launch #2

So in the wake of the swankerificly expensive hotel pool, it turned out that there might actually be a Plan B! That very evening, we met a chap who invited us to go swimming with him at the pool of his friend's wife, who owned a country club just outside Prague. Sound good to you?

Well it sounded good to us... the first time this guy offered... but the further he descended into his stash, the more vehement his invitiations got, and the less appealing the whole package started to sound: Afterall, we only met this random Nigerian an hour earlier when I knocked over his beer in a basement reggae club which we'd only ended up in because the jazz bar we were aiming for turned out to be closed down, and standing in the street outside, wondering what we might do next, some guy comes over and invites us to his bar, as he'd just seen us all half an hour earlier at the last pub... which happened to belong to his brother! Random.

Oh, did I mention that by 'all of us' I now mean, not only my comrade & co-conspirator, Mr Z, but 3 other Aussies we happened to meet in the afore-said pub. Not only meet, but happened also to know from a town sometimes referred to as Canberra. Good grief! Random!

So no, all things considered, we did not don our swimming trunks with the wife of the friend of the Nigerian guy whose drink I bumped in the bar of the brother of the owner of the pub my Australian friend was helping to paint as she cycles across Eastern Europe. Whoosh...

Mission Status: Aborted.

Launch #3

Ask NASA...
Mission Status: Questionable...


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