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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

View from the slow lane

I met a charming elderly gentlewoman, who entered the pool with a hint of blush and her hair swept elegantly in a loose french roll. She was cruising along in a leisurely half-breast stroke -- the half that means you keep your head well and truly above the water. She was having a quiet word with a frightfully enthusiastic young chap, whose enthusiasm didn't really translate into speed or distance. She was offering that he could go ahead of her, so that she could avoid his splashes. He declined, then looked across at me as though I'd agree she must be insane.

Why swim if you can't put your head under water? He said petulently

I suppose it's good exercise, I tried

Still, it makes you lazy. See, I have to wait now!

As it turned out, she was on immuno-suppressant drugs, and couldn't put her head uder water for fear of middle ear infections. As it turned out, he'd declined to go first, not out of politeness, but because he was too tired and needed a rest... Yeah, makes you lazy... R--ight.

40 laps today, so (short course) another 1km. That takes my total to 3.25 km! I think that takes me to the Tate Modern. Cool


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