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Monday, July 04, 2005

The Rules...

I've had a few queries from potential aquanauts about whether they can donate their laps from last summer, or a few years back when they were on the swim team. So here's the FAQ (due to gradual revision...).

1. Simply donate your laps as a comment following the latest blog-post, and I'll add them to the running total in the very next update! Leave your name, number of laps, and the length of your pool (short course pool = 25m, olympic pool = 50m)

2. You don't have to post laps on the day you do the swimming - it's ok to keep a running tally and donate your laps weekly, or even monthly if you like.

3. Please only post the laps you swim after you find this website. This is a mission-in-progress. We want to swim to the moon together!

4. Please don't spam my wetlog! And only real laps please. This is a silly but enjoyable project, it's much more fun if we all get wet doing it!


  • Isa
    1350 m one day
    1500 m last tuesday
    it's a short course swimmingpool

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:08 PM  

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