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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Long Bus Trip - Straight to Pool

Just got back from Edinburgh for the Make Poverty History Rally, where over 200,000 people formed a great white band around the city centre, in the hope that G8 leaders will listen to the call to Drop the Debt, Make Trade Fair not 'Free', and to give More and Better Aid to countries in need.

So... 6hrs to Newcastle, overnight stop, 3hrs to E'bg, rally-rally-rally. Then back again to Newcastle, plus another whole day on-a-bus. Phew! Too much sitting down -- straight to the pool for me!

30 laps (30 x 25m) = 0.75km

That takes my running total to 90 laps & 2.25km.
Starting from London's Victoria Station, I've crossed the Thames and landed bang-on Waterloo Station!
I shall work on maps soon...


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