swim to the moon...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Back in the swim of things...

Finally got back to the pool again (I love that wobbly feeling of water rushing past your arms...) and clocked up another kilometer on the way to the moon! Despite the break, I feel like we're making a bit of progress here: 4.25k on my own, and the fabulously exciting news of my FIRST LAP DONATION.


Even more excitingly, it's an international donation - 1.4k from Owen (Cheers Mate, Good to hear from you!), who's swimming in Philly, USA. So there you are folks, a grand total for the Middle of June, of 4.65km. I reckon that shoots us straight over the top of the Tower of London, and halfway into Shoreditch!

AND wouldn't you know it, while I was down at the local (pool, that is...) I bumped into another 2 potential aquanauts! Girls! I await your laps with glee!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Confession Part 2

Yet another no-swim-weekend (not to mention the week before!!!). And yet another festival induced excuse - This time the Glade Festival was to blame!

Electronic dance music extravaganza that it was, I was unable to take advantage of the local waterways, as, despite the very clear signage, gents who couldn't be bothered to queue for a urinal, insisted on contributing to the nearby water catchments (yuck).

Instead I spent my time frolicking amongst day-glo fairies with six-foot fluttering wings, goblins, stilt walking cabaret girls, and a fair few, fairly happy, mad-dancing party-people. Woosh. I probably danced my way at least as far as the Tower of London - but boogying doesn't really count, does it!

Monday, July 11, 2005


Actually, blaming the traffic for a no-swim-weekend is actually a bit of a furfie. I was a bit caught up at the NASS Festival, where skateboard vert-ramps, BMX junkyard trials and dirt jumps were the order of the day, rather than swimming. Besides, donning a swimsuit in the midst of so many early teen boys (for whom, festival reports comment, the main contraband turned out to be porno magazines...) hmm, it might have been a little unwise.

I did manage to take some fun photos though!

Friday, July 08, 2005

We're ok

Phew! South side of the river - not caught up in any of the London mayhem. Traffic's terrible though, no swim this weekend.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

View from the slow lane

I met a charming elderly gentlewoman, who entered the pool with a hint of blush and her hair swept elegantly in a loose french roll. She was cruising along in a leisurely half-breast stroke -- the half that means you keep your head well and truly above the water. She was having a quiet word with a frightfully enthusiastic young chap, whose enthusiasm didn't really translate into speed or distance. She was offering that he could go ahead of her, so that she could avoid his splashes. He declined, then looked across at me as though I'd agree she must be insane.

Why swim if you can't put your head under water? He said petulently

I suppose it's good exercise, I tried

Still, it makes you lazy. See, I have to wait now!

As it turned out, she was on immuno-suppressant drugs, and couldn't put her head uder water for fear of middle ear infections. As it turned out, he'd declined to go first, not out of politeness, but because he was too tired and needed a rest... Yeah, makes you lazy... R--ight.

40 laps today, so (short course) another 1km. That takes my total to 3.25 km! I think that takes me to the Tate Modern. Cool

Monday, July 04, 2005

Where in the world?

I've used some tiles from MultiMap to show you how far I've come!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

From London Victoria Station, Past Big Ben, across the Thames to Waterloo Station - right next to the London Eye: 2.25 km Yipee! You can see an interactive aerial photo at multimap. (Waterloo Station looks like a big grey fish, and the ferris-wheel that is the London Eye looks like it's fallen over)

How far did you swim today?

The Rules...

I've had a few queries from potential aquanauts about whether they can donate their laps from last summer, or a few years back when they were on the swim team. So here's the FAQ (due to gradual revision...).

1. Simply donate your laps as a comment following the latest blog-post, and I'll add them to the running total in the very next update! Leave your name, number of laps, and the length of your pool (short course pool = 25m, olympic pool = 50m)

2. You don't have to post laps on the day you do the swimming - it's ok to keep a running tally and donate your laps weekly, or even monthly if you like.

3. Please only post the laps you swim after you find this website. This is a mission-in-progress. We want to swim to the moon together!

4. Please don't spam my wetlog! And only real laps please. This is a silly but enjoyable project, it's much more fun if we all get wet doing it!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Long Bus Trip - Straight to Pool

Just got back from Edinburgh for the Make Poverty History Rally, where over 200,000 people formed a great white band around the city centre, in the hope that G8 leaders will listen to the call to Drop the Debt, Make Trade Fair not 'Free', and to give More and Better Aid to countries in need.

So... 6hrs to Newcastle, overnight stop, 3hrs to E'bg, rally-rally-rally. Then back again to Newcastle, plus another whole day on-a-bus. Phew! Too much sitting down -- straight to the pool for me!

30 laps (30 x 25m) = 0.75km

That takes my running total to 90 laps & 2.25km.
Starting from London's Victoria Station, I've crossed the Thames and landed bang-on Waterloo Station!
I shall work on maps soon...

Friday, July 01, 2005

How to get there...