swim to the moon...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Getting the ball rolling

Well you might think it's cheating, but I think its good sense to start with the laps I've already swum this week.

40 laps (short course pool) = 40 x 25m = 1km
a pretty good start I'd say...

20 laps (running late for the pub) = 20 x 25m = 0.5km

My grand total for Week 1... 1.5km

Starting at London's Victoria Station and heading roughly East-ish, 1.5km takes me past the Westminster Abbey, and on to Big Ben!

How far did you swim today?

To the moon!

I like swimming. I really do. But sometimes I think

I wish I'd kept track of how far I've swum, I probably would've made it to Botswana by now!

So here it starts - the great adventure begins. From today, every time I go to the pool, I'll post my laps here, with a cumulative total. I'm swimming to the moon! Want to join me?