swim to the moon...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's been a while...

...since I've been able to post here.
What with Christmas, parents visiting, a trip to Spain, the return of the other sport, heavy work deadlines, and a lapse in pool membership... it's all been a little frantic at Moon Mission Control.

Yes there has been swimming... but not an awful lot. There were a few laps ages ago, but I can't quite remember how many... and I did swim 25m in a capsize drill recently (sigh). Oh well, racing is coming soon, and with that the other sport will lie dormant for a bit - giving me a bit more time to splash about in the pool.

So, where were we then? 119.954km from central London at our last update.
And you were posting your laps like champions:

2.1 km from Sam in Oz
10.2 km from Cristy & Paul in Laos
0.9 km from The Pink Kitty in California
3.3 km from Michael & Becky in Oxford, UK
64.8 km from Claven in US
3.2 km from Rob in Oz
4.0 km from Isa in Oxford too!

Plus my weird little 25m takes us to 208.704km!
Does that get us to the other side of the Channel?

Despite my hiatus, I'm sure other lunar astronauts have been keeping up up the pace!
How far did you swim in the last 4 months?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This latest map plots our projected flight path around the Earth. We follow the red line East(ish) from the centre of the left-hand globe - London, England - across to the right through Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, and loop back through South America from the far left.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thanks to Charles Sturt Uni's fantastic online Map Maker interface, I've plotted it in azimuthal projections (!) centred on London (rounded to Lat. 51 N, Long. 0 W), and the other side of the globe (Lat. 51 S, Long. 180 W).

It's the route that takes us across the most land-mass, so we should get a great view of the scenery as we go by!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Okey Dokey

Together we'd managed 18.65km last time I managed to update. We've had some fantastic input since then, with laps from all over, so here we go with the new total:

  • Prev: 18.650
  • thepinkkitty 3.050
  • owen 47.500 (amazing!)
  • claven 3.200
  • (& seal) 400
  • paul 48.000 (amazing here too!)
  • claven again 4.800
  • sam 1.350
  • marketmosley 4m (3 laps of bath)

  • Add to that, my own paltry 2km, which I'd like to blame entirely on accient and injury... But let's be honest here, I've been a little slack recently. With an emergent beer-belly to show for it!

    So the new total: 118.954km!!!!!

    Holy smut! We've shot off the coast!

    We're now a little way into the English Channel, heading east on our first lap of the Earth!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    (courtesy of googlemaps)

    It might seem a little unfair to poor Paul, who's been splashing away for 240-odd km in Dempasar... But according to the rules, I'm only allowed to count laps since you found this website, which I'm gonna assume happened about a month ago when Grazilla spread the moon mission news. And I'm also sorry Owen, but the rules say that I can only accept proper wet splashy laps, otherwise I'd have to make the site

    swim, row, jog, cycle, skip and pole-vault to the moon...

    Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it.... Anyway, I'm sure you'll still manage to get to a pool occasionally! And as you all will have seen - When I'm in a generous mood, I even accept the occasional laps-of-bath, and contributions of accompanying wildlife. (Wow, Claven, You got to swim with a seal! I wonder if seals know how far away the moon is... It'd be great if we could recruit them too - they swim heaps!) You'll notice though Mosley, your bathtub shenannegins don't quite promote you to out of the 'land lubbers' section of my links... Get your self proclaimed 'gay icon' ass into some togs and GET WET PROPERLY!

    And to finalise the tally, this time we've had laps from UK, USA, Laos and Australia.

    How far did you swim today?

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Maths Memo

    To help us (mainly me) out, here's a post with quick conversions to kilometers:

    Yards x 0.9 = Meters
    Miles x 1.6 = Kilometers

    This'll be in the sidebar too.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    That thing I do during the day

    has been getting really hectic recently. Not to mention moving house (twice in one day, no less). Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Soon to follow.

    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Re------al slow

    I was cruising along for my last couple of lengths -- just chilling out in the water, taking each breath like a lazy yawn.

    Sometimes I forget to do that bit -- not the breathing I mean, but the other bit: slowing down a little to relax into the feel of the water and the shape of the stroke. Groovy baby. Groove---y. 0.75km.

    And a big shout to our international team of lunar aquanauts! Since our last tally we've had 1km from Sam in Sydney and 6.15km from The Pink Kitty in California, and her Mom (I think that's GREAT)! That's added onto our current distance of 11.5 achieved so far by myself, littlekerri and Vanja in the UK, and Owen in Philadelphia. Yay team!

    Today's total: 18.65km

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Hooray for kickboards

    Well, this injury of mine has pretty well ruled out my favourite stroke for the moment 'sniff'. So for the next little while I'm getting into the groove of kickboards! Some may think it's cheating to use a flotation device on the way to the moon, but if you think about it, it's only going to make me slower (unlike some other 'training aids' I can think of -- flippers for example -- they're *so* cheating. No flippers to the moon please. Really!). Besides, I reckon if I can persist with 30 mostly-kickboard lengths, I deserve 'em!

    30 lenghts x 25m pool = 0.75km

    Aquanauts, we're doing swell! Vanja (who promises to donate laps from Montenego soon), has given us 1.6km, so added to the previous total of 9.15km that's...

    11.5km! We've broken the 10km mark. We'll be at the moon in no time...

    How far did you swim today?